The anger is justifiable. The constant shouting is not.

Here’s the deal: We are making our points. We are vastly outnumbering the nationalizers even when they try to stack the halls with their hired hands. We are clearly out-arguing them on substance. We are far better rooted in principle, and we are rightly far more passionate about those principles which the nationalizers would trample. And we have lots of people asking highly intelligent questions and making highly cogent points — questions and points the lefty congressmen cannot intelligently answer, cannot explain away without falsehoods or meaningless clichés, cannot look or sound even half-decent in responding to. So what we should do is let them have the chance to look and sound as ignorant and wrong-headed as they are — and then we should follow up by noting just how weak their answers were.

A few boos or heckles here and there, as they sling around their clichés, can help highlight just how absurd their responses are. But anything more than a few boos just plays into the false theme pushed by the White House and Speaker that protesters are nothing but a mob of wackos. The emotions expressed at the town meetings are honest ones, and well-founded, but that doesn’t mean every emotion must be expressed in such a way as to be unruly.

We are winning, and we will keep winning if we just slightly restrain those emotions and funnel them in positive directions.