Women, African Americans, gays and immigrants haven’t made reputations as spree killers. For those subjugated to the will of a dominant class, a highly developed sense of entitlement isn’t as pronounced as it tends to be within that dominant class – white males. Consequently, there is less of a schism between expectations and realities for those who do not attain – or expect to attain – the corporate VP position, the suburban McMansion, the trophy wife and mistress.

As the case of George Sodini shows, there are a lot of white men in America, though, who still believe that they’ve got it coming – and if they don’t get theirs, they’ll see to it that you get yours. They may not shoot up the nearest restaurant or fitness club, but they’ll join militias or supremacist groups, scream their opposition to health care or welfare, join a minuteman group to guard the Texas border against immigrants, or otherwise do their best to ensure that no matter how low they slip on the social totem pole, they’ve always got their boots planted firmly on the faces of somebody else a rung below them.