This is a reckless and dangerous escalation of the conflict. It raises the stakes to where one fractious event could cause things to quickly spiral out of control. It actually increases the chances of such an event occurring, as someone who’s been given the finger by his own government figures he has nothing left to lose. And once that Rubicon gets crossed, it may be impossible to go back.

A president with real experience and real leadership skills would know better than this. But all Obama has to fall back on is his rabble-rousing, radical Marxist street thug past. Excuse me, I meant “community organizing.” (Funny how he despises the community organizing against him.) Thus you get exactly the arrogant words he spoke and reckless actions he took. And with them, gasoline may well have been poured on the dry tinder. All that’s left is the spark to set it ablaze.

Think about that as well: He’d rather risk America coming apart than not get his way. Instead of temporarily accepting political defeat and regrouping, he’d rather take us down a path of conflict wherein the end must necessarily be one side defeating the other, cost and damage incurred in the process be damned.