The most interesting aspect of this is how often anti-Obama commentators accused me and anyone else whose remarks displeased them as playing some kind of race card. In fact, all I did was accurately point out that Obama was in white face. True, my description of the poster ended with, “All that’s missing is a noose.” However – to use the thinking of the anti-Obama crowd – my crack about the missing noose didn’t necessarily refer to this country’s history of lynching blacks. It could have simply implied a Blue State desire to see the president strung up – metaphorically, of course.

To be honest, though, I do believe the poster appeals to people who see in it a validation of their own racial prejudices, even if they can’t acknowledge them. That my short post hit such a deep, raw nerve clearly shows that race was very much part of the illustration’s attraction. Denials that the poster has any racial overtones join that endless parade of self-deluding apologies and clarifications presented by Republicans about the Birth of a Nation imagery they’ve been employing ever since Obama ran for president.