* Poor Planning. Obama and his team never expected to have to fight “evildoers” all August long over universal health care. The President’s presumption anticipated a bill being sent to his desk the first week in August. In fact, that’s exactly what Dr. Obama ordered. And because they didn’t think they’d experience any pushback, they never had a real blueprint, especially when it came time to explain how they were going to pay for it. Cutting $300 billion from Medicare would result in fewer services for seniors. That’s not exactly going to move the masses.

* History. They ignored it. What’s the saying? “Smart people learn from their mistakes, while wise people learn from the mistakes of others.” The Obama team didn’t learn from the mistakes of the Clintons when it comes to trying to reform health care. One look back at the 1990s would have shown the left that the more people hear about drastic changes like a government option in health care, the more they dislike it.

Again we see the arrogance. Or perhaps it was ignorance. Notice a theme here?