The Jerusalem Post reports that the Jordanian government of King Abdullah is stripping Palestinians of their citizenship in order “to avoid a situation in which they would be ‘resettled’ permanently in the kingdom.” The Jordanians claim they are acting “to prevent Israel from emptying the Palestinian territories of their original inhabitants,” but the effect is to threaten both the Israeli government and the Palestinian authority with a massive influx of Palestinian refugees from Jordan. The move is what Barack Obama might call unhelpful. Yet there there isn’t any noise from the “pro-peace” left. Most of the bloggers whom we typically rely on to highlighting the plight of the Palestinian people have yet to weigh in.

Where is Glenn Greenwald’s perpetual outrage? Oh, that’s right: He’s a courtier when it comes to the Jordanian monarchy. Greenwald has in the past praised Jordan’s Queen Noor for providing commentary that is “extremely insightful and articulate, virtually never heard (as the participants note) on American television, and underscores how unbalanced and incomplete is the debate most Americans hear concerning this issue of vital importance to American intersts (i.e.:virtually unquestioning American support for Israeli actions).” Queen Noor hasn’t blogged at HuffPo yet on her stepson’s decision to strip Palestinians of their citizenship, but we’re guessing she supports it. Will Greenwald– in the name of justice for the Palestinian people — speak up?