Exactly what would the private sector do with its money that would be so wonderful? I don’t know – and neither does anyone else, particularly anyone in Washington. If the six long months of this Administration serve any constructive purpose, it should be permanently dissolving the illusion that a small group of political appointees can predict what the economy will do, and control it to produce an improved outcome. There is a better plan for restoring our prosperity than anything being cooked up by Obama’s brain trust. In fact, there are thousands of them – and no single person knows them all. They are scattered through the minds of people from coast to coast, formulated by small business owners behind the wheels of work trucks, as well as executives in boardrooms. People working within the incentives of the free market – operating in local markets they know personally, or national markets their companies have studied for decades – will always be able to outperform a group of academics, whose first order of business is listing all the things they won’t even consider doing, because it would violate their ideology. You’re always better off placing your bets on organizations that strive to reward their shareholders, over those dedicated to rewarding contributors.