Lots of others make similar, some less vitriolic, arguments about “blue bloods” like me ruining the party. Others insist she has perfect political instincts and doesn’t need any advice at all.

If Sarah Palin follows the advice of readers like them, she’s doomed on the national political stage. She’ll make a great Joan of Arc for a certain segment of the public, but she’ll never go beyond that. And I think that would be a shame. The upshot of a lot of email is that she hasn’t done a single thing wrong — at least nothing that warrants criticism. The idea that she’s, in effect, done everything right, baffles me. Palin has lost a huge chunk of her popularity over the last 6 months. Some readers say that’s because the media has been unfair to her. And that’s true! The press has been unfair. But guess what? The press isn’t going away and successful politicians learn to deal with the reality of liberal media bias. You don’t get extra points or extra votes because the press slimes you. What Palin needs to do is figure out how to win back the people she lost, not elicit more cheers from the folks she already has. That’s how politics works.