It surely is the greatest box office performance ever for a movie this bad! This movie is at 21 percent at Rotten Tomatoes, yet it has one of the greatest box office openings in Hollywood history. Think about it — this really makes NO sense.

Yes, a lot of really bad movies do finish in first place at the box office, but this usually happens in February or March or April or September when the other big movies in wide release are also pieces of junk. Yes, bad movies have even been blockbusters – everyone points to The Da Vinci Code which was laughed right out of the Cannes Film Festival yet still made a ridiculous sum of money, over $200 million domestic. But Transformers 2 is on track to make The Da Vinci Code’s haul look like chump change.

This movie is getting much worse scores than Terminator Salvation or Watchmen, and a lot of other movies that also underperformed for various reasons at the box office. A lot of fans claimed these movies were lousy and that’s why they didn’t show up. Yet the very same people who refused to see these other movies on the grounds of how awful they were are rushing in droves to see this Transformers 2 movie. Heck, Year One was getting a Rotten Tomatoes score that was as bad if not worse (18 percent), and people made a big flop out of that movie on the grounds that they thought the movie sucked. And they know by now that Transformers 2 sucks, but they’ve shown up anyway.