What can the rest of us do? First and foremost, personalize these outrages. Every representative from either party who voted for the cap-and-trade atrocity should be made to feel like a dead man walking. Recite the names every chance you get, and if you live in one of their districts, never miss an opportunity to remind your fellow voters what they have done. Let them know their representative voted to steal four thousand dollars from their family, as tribute to the weird state religion of radical environmentalism. Spread the anger at foolish politicians who vote on poisonous trillion-dollar bills without reading them, much less their last-minute 300-page amendments. Spread the worst sections of this ridiculous legislation through local newspapers, and shout pop quizzes about it to the cowardly representatives who didn’t bother to read it before they voted to beat American industry to death with it. Don’t relent on any of this if the Senate manages to kill the bill, and don’t let up the pressure on your Senators for a moment. We cannot afford politicians who vote for economy-crippling legislation, then hope their colleagues in the other house of Congress will kill it before it hardens into a tumor.