That nightmare, of course, is the outstanding example of lies and deception diluting the theoretical power of the republic’s voters. Far more than usual – more than even the notoriously slippery Bill Clinton – Obama’s presidency is based on lies, deceptions, and media manipulation strategies that nullify democracy by turning supposedly “impartial” reporters into political operatives. The planted questioner at Tuesday’s press conference was the kind of clumsy totalitarian fraud that would have set the news networks on fire if any Republican had ever tried it. Ordinary people watching the widely televised event were led to believe they were watching a question-and-answer session between reporters and the President. The obvious willingness of so many “reporters” to do whatever is necessary to help Obama enact his agenda is bad enough, but literal, prearranged collusion between the Huffington Post and the Administration is like the Iranian government’s nullification of its farcical “election” – the moment when the last vestige of honesty and respect is stripped away from an already corrupt process.