As I listened to him sarcastically reading the e-mails written between Sanford and his mistress, correspondence I sure they both believed would stay private, I kept imagining Olbermann as that pervert in a dirty movie studio choking his chicken underneath his trenchcoat. A couple of times I was certain he was going to ejaculate and his laugh became grotesque bordering on acrid. It was the kind of childish and hurtful things done by 12 and 13 year olds, and Olbermann should know better. Have you no decency man?

This is a matter that should be discussed, particularly the part about whether he used state funds for the trip. And Sanford’s irresponsibility and leaving the state without notifying anyone borders on malfeasance. But Olbermann began his attack on the most vile and disgusting parts of this heartbreaking saga and it went downhill from there. There are four little boys who bear no responsibility for what happened and they have to go to school tomorrow and face their friends. Have you no decency man?