Hey, all you Palin-haters, here’s a fun fact you might not know: Barack Obama was conceived out of wedlock when his mom was barely legal!

That’s right, Ann Dunham Soetoro was born on 11/29/42, she married Barack Obama, Sr. on 2/2/61, and their son was born on 8/4/61. So lil’ Barry would’ve been conceived somewhere around his mom’s 18th birthday, most likely before. And his parents’ marriage wasn’t even legal, because Barack Sr. was still married to a woman in Kenya. Ann was in the same situation then as Bristol is now, except the father hung around a little longer. And she didn’t have a seething mob dogging her heels and then running back to their news networks and late-night talk shows.

Boy, I’ll bet Jack Parr is in Heaven right now, wishing he’d done some hilarious gags about Ann Dunham banging Mickey Mantle and getting hit on by JFK.