From the recent success of pro-Western candidates in Lebanon to the voices of European leaders in support of Iran’s pro-democracy demonstrators, the real-life principles of neoconservatism are not only winning the day in fact, they are also being embraced rhetorically in many of the same European nations we supposedly alienated with this line of thinking.

That’s because it is impossible to honestly oppose. It is too just, too moral and too right. Neoconservatism was highly popular just after 9/11 because America had been given a stark reminder of what reality actually looks like. For a short time, it was impossible for people to delude themselves about the true nature of the world, no matter how much they may have wanted to do so. Over time, those who were threatened politically by this fact came to misrepresent the neocons in accordance with the mischaracterization described above, and they prevailed rhetorically.