Don’t answer his questions, Mr. President

Three: Mr. Trump does not have to answer anyone’s f–king questions. He’s President. He can’t be cited for contempt. He can’t be indicted. He cannot be prosecuted especially for the non-existent crime of “collusion.” If he does not have to answer the questions and if the media will hurt him as much as they possibly can no matter what he does, why should he answer questions — especially under oath?

He can be impeached and lying under oath would be a joke as a reason for impeachment, which can only be for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” This little tempest about Q and A with Mueller is no such thing.

We already know that Mr. Mueller is looking way in the past at Mr. Trump’s business dealings years ago. What can this possibly have to do with his acts as President? Every day Mr. Mueller sends out more requests for interrogations. Mr. Trump, sir, this man wants to hurt you. Don’t help him. When you get back to D.C. from Davos, explain that you spoke too hastily, that you had not consulted your counsel. That you will have a look at written interrogatories and consider answering them with the help of your lawyers. Mr. Trump, this man, Mr. Mueller, is part of a conspiracy to drive you from office.