Don McGahn trying to corral Trump while pushing GOP's agenda

“Everyone thinks about him in terms of the president’s ethics and all of that, but quietly, he has really tried to move the needle on things that conservatives care about a lot, which is the courts and the administrative state,” said Reginald Brown, a former associate White House counsel in the Bush administration. “That’s not as sexy, but it is far more consequential.”

As the chief architect of the administration’s judicial selection process, Mr. McGahn was the driving force behind Mr. Trump’s success in appointing not only Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but 12 appeals court judges in his first year — more than any president in modern history. That pace has not let up: Three more of Mr. Trump’s appellate nominees are pending on the Senate floor…

Several people said Mr. McGahn has told some friends and colleagues that he has considered resigning over the past six months, but that Mr. McConnell has repeatedly urged him to stay. Mr. McConnell declined to discuss his private conversations with Mr. McGahn, but said through a spokesman that “President Trump picked the finest White House counsel I’ve ever worked with.”