Trump won’t supply rope for his hanging

In the media’s reckoning , the scandal is always the conservative complaint, not the misbehavior that occasions it. One can only laugh at the “experts” trotted out to knock down the charges of bias at the FBI, such as Philip Mudd, a friend of Mueller’s who worked at the CIA and FBI, whose very unhinged punditry on CNN confirms the bias he is denying. With bulging eyes, a reddening face, and his obsessive anti-Trump gibbering, Mudd is hardly a poster boy for apolitical intelligence agencies. He is, if anything, a prototype of the deep state that Trump is battling. MSNBC brought out David Ignatius to pooh-pooh allegations of misbehavior at intelligence agencies. Never mind that he is a conduit for politically-motivated leaks from them.

Oh, the “secret society” to which Strzok-Page referred is just a joke, insists the media. Maybe so, but all jokes contain an element of truth. Was Evelyn Farkas joking when she bragged about all the deep staters leaking anti-Trump material to the press? Back then, during the hysterical days of the Trump transition, figures like Farkas wanted everyone to know they belonged to the resistance. Senator Ron Johnson says a whistleblower has informed his committee that anti-Trump officials held off-site meetings. Given all the leaking from the FBI before and after Trump’s victory, clearly designed to embarrass and subvert him, that claim is completely plausible.