Is it ever okay to say "s**thole"?

According to a cohort of conservatives online, liberals are making a mountain out of a shithole.

President Trump’s comments about immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and African nations had finally started to fade from the conversational front lines, if not our collective vernacular. But the furor over an American Conservative essay by Rod Dreher has dragged the debate back to the battlefield. Dreher, who initially denounced Trump’s language, was trying to critique the self-censorship of those who recognize differences but refuse to articulate them for fear of appearing racist. Instead, he offered a lesson in, well, racism.

The ire directed Dreher’s way focused on one passage in particular. Admitting he’s sympathetic to the argument that “political correctness keeps people from saying things that are true,” Dreher presents an example: “If word got out that the government was planning to build a housing project for the poor in your neighborhood, how would you feel about it? . . . Do you want the people who turned their neighborhood [into] a shithole to bring the shithole to your street?”