Anti-Trump right turns a blind eye to alleged FBI misconduct

So the NeverTrumpers on the Right can keep trying to push a false balance—or worse, stare intently at the shiny swaying Democrat pendulum—and equate the Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation. Here’s the main difference: There is little evidence so far that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election. Even the Democrats have largely abandoned that narrative, pivoting to Trump’s health, obstruction of justice accusations, and the laughable offense of Trump asking FBI Director Andy McCabe who he voted for.

On the other hand, more evidence emerges every week of how the Clinton investigation was politicized at best, corrupted at the very worst. Overlooked by the NeverTrumpers this week is Andy McCarthy’s explosive revelation that officials removed any reference to President Obama’s correspondence with Clinton on her unsecured server: “All cleaned up: no indictment, meaning no prosecution, meaning no disclosure of Clinton-Obama emails. It all worked like a charm . . . except the part where Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency and the problem is never spoken of again.”

That is only the latest bombshell—and proof—that there is more to the FBI “conspiracy” than there is to the Trump-Russia “conspiracy.”