Why I teach my kids to be rude

Children who are allowed to say no and be assertive will have more tools in their mental tool belt if they are ever in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable. Being empowered to say no doesn’t guarantee that our children won’t be violated at some point in their life, but it might discourage an abuser from harming them because they’ll know the child isn’t afraid to speak up.

Giving our children autonomy and authority over their existence also fosters empathy and compassion. If my son sees someone being treated in a way that they obviously don’t like, he either reaches out to me, or to them directly (if he feels safe to do so). A child might have been shouted at by their mother. My son will even go over and ask the child if he is okay. When we offer compassion and empathy to our children when they are uncomfortable with a situation, rather than telling them to get over it, they, in turn, develop compassion and empathy for those around them.