Poll: Republicans fuel sharp rise in concerns about sexual harassment

A 72 percent majority now says sexual harassment of women in the workplace is a “serious problem,” up eight percentage points from an October Post-ABC poll and 25 points from 2011. The latest survey finds 11 percent say harassment is a problem, but not serious, while 13 percent say it’s not a problem at all.

Republicans expressed the least concern of any political party in October, with 42 percent saying harassment of women at work is a serious problem, little different from 38 percent in 2011. But that has rocketed to 59 percent in the latest survey, a 17-point rise.

The sharpest increase occurred among Republican men. The percentage saying workplace harassment of women is a serious problem rose by 19 points from October to this month, 38 to 57 percent. Just under half of Republican women said it was a serious problem in October, and that’s now up to about 6 in 10.