Against odds, Tillerson hangs on -- for now

As that date approaches, the diplomatic world is watching closely for a much-discussed “Rexit.” But expectations are being downgraded among those who thought he’d be gone by month’s end. If anything, Tillerson looks inclined to hang on to his post for the foreseeable future.

He arrived in Paris on Tuesday and will mingle with global elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos later this week. He’s already planning trips abroad months from now, is spending more time talking to the media — and, in an interview that aired earlier this month, even said he plans to stick around at least through 2018. All this despite countless media accounts of friction between him and President Donald Trump, whom he’s reportedly called a “moron.”

Diplomatic insiders say Tillerson’s staying power may due be to his stubborn personality — along with the sense of pride that comes from being a former corporate CEO. That he hasn’t been fired could also reflect the political reality for Trump that losing his secretary of state so quickly would be an embarrassment — and that replacing Tillerson would be an unwanted headache.