Will 2018 be the year the right takes our media deficit seriously?

Another reason we didn’t invest in storytelling and the media is not as well understood. We instead spent tens of billions of dollars over the past 20 years on think tanks—that’s right, tens of billions—because we actually believed that facts and logic alone, our superior arguments alone, would win the national narrative. And we call our opponents elites? That misallocation of capital has cost us, and cost us dearly.

When we do finally “invest” in the media, we do it by pouring billions into political ads every election cycle. This, oddly enough, funds our political opponents’ media platforms and content. And we’re the smart guys?

No disrespect to PhDs and politicians, but asking them to shape the national narrative is like asking NFL linebackers to be ballerinas. Rather than do what we’d naturally do in any other business category, which is compete, we’ve chosen an unattractive alternative: whining.