Trump versus California: One year into his presidency, tensions rise

One year after it found a target on its back, the strongly Democratic state has yet to feel as much damage as some in California feared, largely because Trump has found it difficult to translate his campaign pledges into reality. But threats persist in 2018.

The new tax plan, which sharply limited deductions used extensively in California, and GOP threats to curb Medicaid spending continue to pose billion-dollar risks for millions of the state’s residents and to its budget. Administration efforts to curb immigration, both legal and illegal, expand offshore oil drilling and punish states that have legalized marijuana promise new clashes as Trump’s second year in office begins.

Far from sidelining California’s anti-Trump majority, the president’s first year in office has also increased the odds of electoral gains for Democrats. Democrats have targeted enough GOP-held districts in California to make up nearly one-third of the seats needed to flip the House.