Advice to young ladies in this very, very stupid era

Grace babbled about “non-verbal cues.” But what she was doing seemed to be pretty unequivocal non-verbal cues themselves.

Yes, saying “No” clearly and unequivocally may cause him to not like you. He may decide to seek more accommodating companions. That’s the risk you take. Fair? Nope. And?

Act like an adult. Say what you want, and don’t do what you don’t want. Your life will be immeasurably better.

Now, one more thing. That article notes that Aziz went to some awards thing recently wearing a pin symbolizing his solidarity with the women speaking up in the wake of the #MeToo revelations. He’s a liberal. So were Ted Kennedy, and JFK, and Harvey Weinstein, and Al Franken, and all these other loathsome creeps. Remember that wokeness is a pose designed to fool you.