Yes, Republicans will be blamed for the shutdown -- and they should be

This Potus is also now a captive of the monster Steve Bannon and President Miller created for him. Trump recognizes that his hard base is intolerant of any compromise on immigration policy that shows the slightest whit of humanity, decency, or political courage. Leading Senate Republicans and Democrats all blame Miller for personally blowing up a DACA deal. In Trump’s all-about-dat-base world, though, purity on this issue is everything.

It’s a foolish short- and long-term political choice, but the Suicide Party is making a lot of those lately. A bipartisan deal on CHIP and DACA would have let Republicans in Congress breathe a small sigh of relief. In a time of Charlottesville, shitholes, and the rest of the racial arson common in this Administration, such a deal might perhaps open up just a tiny lane where members could go back to their districts and say they weren’t on board the Breitbartian campaign of mass deportations.

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