Who will carry the blame for the shutdown? Maybe no one

There is shared outrage about how broken the whole system is, so it’s possible that means neither side will feel much of a consequence from this debacle.

There are other reasons, too.

First is the little room that exists for these public servants’ public image to drop. Last week’s NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll showed that just 36 percent of Americans have trust in the Democratic Party and 29 percent in the Republican Party. The only institution with a lower level of trust is the Congress itself.

Also, many of the current players, save the president himself, were in Washington for the last shutdown in 2013. It was viewed as driven by conservative Republicans, chiefly Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. And you know what happened after that? In addition to Republicans winning control of the Senate and expanding their House majority, Cruz became a grassroots hero. He built a large army of supporters and donors who helped him launch a presidential campaign in 2016 that outlasted almost every other GOP candidate who took on Donald Trump.

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