A reckoning for #NeverTrump? Trump's first year has not been a disaster

So is it time, one year into Trump’s presidency, for the anti-Trump conservatives (me included) to lay down their arms, issue their apologia, and accept that they were wrong about Trump?

Part of the anti-Trump case, after all, was that Trump was all about Trump and nobody else. That his promises of tax cuts were fed to him by consultants and his real allegiances were about tax hikes on the rich. That his list of judges that he’d nominate to the Supreme Court was a sham, and that he’d just nominate his sister instead.

That was all wrong, and so was the idea that Trump was an ideological Democrat using the Republican Party to advance progressive ideology. So, one cheer for Donald Trump: He is not the worst-case scenario that some people thought he might be.

But that’s not the entirety of the anti-Trump case, nor is it even the most important part.

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