We need to be a lot angrier about the Larry Nassar scandal

When you think of the response to the Sandusky scandal, you would assume the Nassar revelations would have been a major national news story since they first emerged in September, 2016. They haven’t been.

That lack of coverage and concern is because the Nassar case involves gymnastics, a sport that most people only care about for one week every four years. On top of that, it must be continually noted, all of the victims were girls and women. It’s at this intersection where the kind of public pressure that led to firings and changes at Penn State and Baylor has gone to die.

Sports media barely covers women’s sports and that coverage can be laced through with sexist ideas about how female athletes should look or behave (especially during the Olympics). As a society, we don’t care about the abuse itself, only about the sporting institutions threatened when it’s uncovered.