Democrats start to consider supporting Trump's wall -- if it means saving DREAMers

Asked whether he could support wall funding in exchange for a DREAMER deal, Rep. Raul Grijalva said he is “open to it, but not terribly supportive of it,” adding that Gutierrez would have to convince him of the position.

“I understand we’re at a point that if there was an opportunity to do something for the DREAMERs…. Then we need to do that,” Grijalva said. “I thought [Democrats] had more leverage than we did.“

Another of Gutierrez’s Democratic colleagues said there was some resentment from members over Gutierrez going on television to make his point, adding that while they wouldn’t rule out that Democrats would have gotten to the same position eventually, it felt like they were “yanked” because Gutierrez is such a prominent voice on immigration issues.

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