Democrats can win the government shutdown if they don’t back down

But history doesn’t always stand still. First of all, the Lou Dobbs attitude was never a majority attitude—it was the attitude of a passionate minority that is dramatically over-represented in Congress. Second, with respect to the Dreamers, the kids who were born here, public attitudes are a lot more compassionate. Quinnipiac did a poll last week and found that 79 percent said Dreamers should be allowed to stay in the United States and apply for citizenship to just 11 percent who said they shouldn’t be allowed to stay. Subgroups: Democrats 92-3, Republicans 64-20, independents 77-12.

It’s hard to get much more one-sided than that (except on background checks, another issue on which the GOP majority boldly represents 10 percent of America). Besides, remember this: Congress wouldn’t be having to deal with this at all if Trump and Jeff Sessions hadn’t rescinded the DACA program last September.

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