Amid shutdown, House GOP shows intense interest in dossier memo

Lawmakers coming out of the secure room have been both extravagant in their expressions of astonishment and tight-lipped in their discussions of what is actually in the memo. Some of the Republicans who appear frequently on television, like Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis, have reacted strongly to the memo’s contents. But less-in-the-limelight members, the ones who aren’t on cable every day, have also been profoundly affected.

“Having read the memo I was shocked, absolutely shocked — shocked and disappointed,” said Rep. George Holding, a former United States attorney from North Carolina who often used FISA in his former work. “I can’t say anything about what’s in the memo…but I think anyone reading this would quickly understand that the process was abused.”

Now that a majority of Republicans has read the memo — Democrats have shown little interest in it and have disparaged it as mere “talking points” — the question is what comes next.

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