A word too far? Some evangelicals may have reached the breaking point with Trump

The vulgarity President Trump reportedly used last week to describe certain countries in the developing world has gotten a lot of attention. Trump held a private, frank, blunt conversation with congressional leaders where he used a word others have used to describe places considered awful.

For some in his base, it might please them. After all, he is the president who thrives in not being politically correct. It makes the president seem bold enough to say out loud what others think but won’t bring themselves to say. In reality, the question over the specific word is distracting from his point that immigrants should be judged based on the nations they come from, and his point is just another straw on the camel’s back for many in the religious right. That back is already breaking and presents an electoral problem for the Republican Party.

Trump was always a devil’s bargain for most evangelicals. As long as he stood against Hillary Clinton, many evangelicals could rationalize supporting him. He may not be what they would want, but surely he was better than Clinton. Besides, with Antonin Scalia’s death, the Supreme Court really was in play in the 2016 election. Many who may not have liked Trump still stayed with the Republican Party nominee to secure a conservative appointee to the court.

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