Men who like jazz have lower testosterone levels than guys who like rock

Testosterone levels could affect your musical choice, new research finds, and those with more testosterone in their bodies may be more into rock music. The research suggests that your biology has a bigger influence over your personality than you might be comfortable admitting and is the first evidence that musical preference has a biological root.

The study, published online in Personality and Individual Differences, found a correlation between personality type and musical choice, and hypothesized that hormone levels could be the ultimate cause of this connection. For the study, the team looked at 37 males and 39 females and had each listen to 25 pieces of music and then rate them on a scale of one to 19 for how much they enjoyed the song. In addition, the volunteers had their testosterone levels measured through a saliva sample, New Scientist reported.

The study failed to find a link between testosterone levels and musical taste in female volunteers, but for the males a clear link soon emerged. Higher testosterone levels in males was linked with a preference for a type of music which the researchers labeled as “unsophisticated.” This category encompassed genres such as both soft and heavy rock. Individuals with lower testosterone levels were more inclined to enjoy what the researchers labeled as “sophisticated music,” a genre that included both classical and jazz.

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