Dana Loesch, the NRA's telegenic warrior

Ms. Loesch said she has received death threats for the past two years; they often follow her appearances on television. In December 2016, she said, “my son went and got the mail and we had all these Christmas cards. He opened them up. And there were pictures, with their heads blown off.” Not long after, someone posted her phone number and a photograph of her house on Twitter. She starting getting calls, including a man on the line, breathing heavily.

“He said he would drag me out and beat me in the yard,” said Ms. Loesch, who moved last month to a new home in suburban Dallas. “I reached out to our local police.” She alerted the N.R.A. “It worried them too,” she said. “They are not responsible for crazy people. They want to make sure I am safe and that I am O.K. Because I have kids.”

Did the experience remind her of her childhood?

“Yeah,” she said. “But this time, I’m my grandpa.”

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