On Trump's mental fitness, the experts are silenced and the public's in the dark

And this is just on the neurological side. It does not even touch the psychological side, where urgent concerns also lie and an assessment should have been done starting with a full history and standardized battery of testing. Experts have, furthermore, been calling for a capacity evaluation to determine Trump’s ability to function in his position, regardless of diagnosis.

In this context, the limited screen Trump received can even be harmful, by giving the public a false sense of reassurance. While we understand his physician’s strong public advocacy for his patient from the White House podium, we note that he is neither a psychiatrist nor a psychologist. It is therefore incumbent on mental health professionals to raise awareness on what the minimally appropriate testing consists of. Moreover, some of his other statements raised eyebrows, such as when he went out of his way to guarantee the president’s health not just at present, but for the remainder of his current term, and a second one as well. Questions are also now being raised about whether the president’s heart disease was soft-pedaled and whether his height was overstated at 6-3 because his weight, coupled with the 6-2 height on his driver’s license,would have classified him as obese.

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