The March for Life is the real march for women

A real women’s-rights movement looks like the March for Life, unified around a simple, coherent, positive goal. To participate, there is just one qualification: Do you believe that life, at all its stages, has intrinsic value? If so, step right up, join us. Its slogan? “We are for women. We are for children. We are for life.” It is only at this march that women are told they don’t need to have the option to kill their children in order to be free.

The Women’s March, in contrast, is internally fractured and defined by its exclusivity. If you’re a woman who refuses to drink the Kool-Aid, you had better stay home. Don’t support the unmitigated right to dispose of unwanted unborn children? Take off that p***y hat. You vote Republican? None of that here, please. And, God forbid, you supported Donald Trump? You’re a traitor to your gender.

If it were truly a women’s march, all women would be welcome — even those who are conservative or pro-life. But it isn’t a March for Women at all. It’s a march for women who subscribe to progressive dogma. Its insularity robs it of power and guarantees that it will rise and fall with the radical Left.

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