Confessions of an abortion opponent

What are those of us who oppose what we consider judicially sponsored infanticide hoping to accomplish by busing in church youth groups by the thousands in order to wave signs in front of locals who regard them with undisguised contempt? Do marchers think that Anthony Kennedy is going to change his mind the next time an abortion case comes before the Supreme Court because he read a profile of a march organizer on Are demonstrators simply “raising awareness,” as if any living American were unaware of their position? And what does it cost the anti-abortion movement when it throws in its lot with someone like President Trump, who is addressing today’s march via a television feed?

The pro-choice crowd by and large does not believe that pro-lifers are arguing in good faith. It’s not hard to see why. If we claim that abortion is murder, how can we live with ourselves? How can we go about our business, raising our families and watching sports and ordering take-out, voting and contributing to GDP growth, in such a country? How can we possibly affect concern for any other issue, from prudential questions about marginal tax rates to foreign policy? Why are we not monomaniacally shouting our lungs off about this and nothing else 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

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