Having a child out of wedlock is the norm for women in their 40s

Who needs a ring?

A majority of US women who’ve never married have given birth to at least one child by the time they reach 44, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

Fifty-five percent of unwed ladies currently in their early 40s have a child, the study found — up from 31 percent two decades ago.

“The upward trend in the share of never-married women having children is particularly striking given the overall falloff in births to teens in recent decades,” Pew reported.

The baby boom cuts across all ethnic, racial and educational levels, but is particularly pronounced for unwed women aged 40 to 44 with some college experience or a degree. In 1994, only 5 percent of those with postgraduate degree had a kid — in 2004, it was 25 percent.

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