The chaos president vs. his iron-fisted chief of staff

By Wednesday night, Mr. Trump had become convinced by a string of allies and friends he had talked to on the phone that Mr. Kelly had undermined him, according to people familiar with the conversations. And by Thursday morning, after digesting accounts of Mr. Kelly’s comments on cable news, the president was riled up…

Some view the relationship as dysfunctional. When a president’s chief of staff speaks to members of Congress, it should be a “consistent message,” Representative Henry Cuellar, Democrat of Texas, said in an interview with CNN. The inconsistency, said Mr. Cuellar, who attended the meeting on Wednesday where Mr. Kelly made some of his remarks, “makes it hard” to negotiate.

Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Kelly are used to being in charge, and both are prone to dramatic outbursts of temper, according to interviews with a half-dozen White House officials. Both have a tendency to say different things to different audiences, and Mr. Kelly is more strident about the need to restrict immigration than some people had realized.

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