Is Trump losing his marbles? The world deserves to know

Still, one thing Trump’s checkup didn’t include was something the whole world wonders about: an evaluation of whether the president is losing his marbles. Jackson said Trump shows no sign of cognitive impairment. So he’s tweeting all that crazy stuff with a clear mind?

I have a suggestion. Many years ago, in a different career, I was selected for a sensitive, year-long job at the United States Embassy in Moscow. I had to endure a battery of psychological tests. I was even hooked up to a lie detector at one point and asked all kinds of probing, personal questions.

Why should candidates for the highest office in the land be exempt from similar scrutiny? They release financial records and their backgrounds are raked over by journalists, yes. But knowing what we know about Trump, shouldn’t we demand that as a precondition to running for president, future candidates have their heads examined? A nonpartisan panel of peer-approved experts, with results shared with the voters. Given where we are now with this unstable, delusional president, it’s hardly too much to ask.

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