President Trump: Mission accomplished

Although opinions on the right vary regarding Pres. Trump, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus among those not reflexively opposed to him that his opponents seem to have lost their damn minds. This consensus seems only to have strengthened in the face of the abject disappointment of the left — and much of the media — that Trump was not diagnosed with early onset dementia during his recent physical.

It strikes me as odd, however, that those writing from this consensus perspective seem to be critical of — or sorrowful about — the hysteria coming from Trump’s opponents.

After all, wasn’t this supposed to be one of Trump’s biggest selling points? Through the 2016 campaign and beyond, Trump’s supporters would chortle: “He drives the liberals crazy! He drives the media crazy (but I repeat myself)!” Indeed, Trump’s ability to derange his opponents was considered a feature even by righties otherwise unenthused by the man. They would say, “Sure, I don’t like that Trump says or does this or that… but he drives the libs nuts! Look at him troll the press!”

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