Mocking Trump for his weight is hypocritical and ignorant

Either we have standards as a country (and as liberals), or we don’t. Either we believe in fat-shaming as an accepted practice — and “Megyn Kelly TODAY” host Megyn Kelly does — or we don’t. Either we believe that we should treat people according to the dictates of our purported morals, or we don’t.

Not only that, but remember that your overweight and obese friends and family are watching and listening to these jokes and cringing. Is this what you say about them in private? Is this how you describe them when they’re not there? Do you really think they enjoy these jokes, believing that their own fatness is somehow different from Trump’s?

Moreover, what kind of uproar would we be in if this were a conversation about Trump’s 2016 election opponent, Hillary Clinton? What kind of uproar were we actually in about the efforts by many to paint her as frail and unhealthy, incapable of service? Wouldn’t we see the wrongness in this behavior if it were lobbed in the direction of any current female political leader?

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