"It's malpractice": Republicans give potential 2020 Trump foes a pass

Cuomo and Brown are not alone among Democrats who might challenge President Donald Trump in 2020: At least eight of them, all high-profile politicians, appear poised to avoid facing Republicans’ top-choice challenger this year.

And in many cases, that’s allowing the potential White House hopefuls to envision a 2018 spent honing their image as leaders of the anti-Trump resistance as they stockpile campaign cash — rather than having to focus on a serious GOP attempt to beat them, or just sully their image.

“No one wants to be a sacrificial lamb, but [Republicans] don’t even appear to be trying in some of these states,” Shripal Shah, a Democratic Senate campaign veteran who is now a vice president at the Democratic super PAC American Bridge, said of the lack of viable GOP candidates. “It’s not a missed opportunity. It’s malpractice.”

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