Why Anthony Scaramucci deserves a triumphant return to the White House

Even if Scaramucci would be incapable of cleaning up the communications mess in-house, there is still reason to keep him front and center. He’s fun. That may sound trivial, but this White House often feels like Mordor. We hear stories of a furious president and terrified staffers. Nobody smiles. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who has done an admirable job under tough conditions, has done so with a standoffish style.

Ivanka Trump, who was supposedly going to be the lovable face of the White House, is missing in action, replaced by daily snark from her brother Don. There aren’t even any pets. A few weeks ago, White House advisor Stephen Miller was carted onto TV for a train wreck of an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Whatever one thought of the merits of the discussion or Tapper’s behavior, Miller came off about as likable as a staph infection. Camelot this is not.

All of this is a big reason Scaramucci was such a hit in July and his return is so useful. He is funny, clever, is self-deprecating in his humor, and he smiles, something woefully lacking from this administration in general. The Mooch defends Trump the right way, as a tough New York guy who uses colorful language and gets results. That approach serves two purposes that rarely intersect: it works with the public and it makes the president happy.

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