The Trump presidency has yet to deliver on its populist promise

Where’s the Trumpian revision of foreign affairs? American policy in the Middle East still seems to have a “made in Riyadh” label underneath it. Our troops are in Syria without legal mandate, and without the enemy, ISIS, being routed there. Same old wars. The only new thing is the depth of incompetence in the diplomatic corps, who insult our allies.

Instead of an industrial policy, and a national medical system that takes care of “everyone” as he promised, Trump has delivered an enormous corporate tax cut.

I was told that Trump’s unique character deficiencies, his verbal crudity, were the price of entry for injecting a few nationalist and populist ideas into a moribund conservative governing philosophy. The only way to get beyond jabbering to ourselves about free trade, and humanitarian intervention absent any concern for the life of the nation itself, was this man whose popularity finally exploded our elite consensus.

But the returns are in for the populists, and I have to ask, are you really putting up with all the embarrassments of the Trump presidency for a “mirror tax” in Canadian lumber?

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