It’s time to end the Trump media circus and get back to public policy for grown ups

But try to imagine things a different way. The president makes the comment in a closed meeting. Some folks in the room object in a thoughtful manner and maybe even challenge the president to examine his attitude morally and spiritually. He has time to let it sit and think about it before the next gathering. Subsequent meetings happen. The group benefits from vigorous give and take, from honest critique, and from the simple process of examining the thing from various angles. In the end, maybe you actually get a decent reform to our immigration process that leaves people better off than they were before.

Running to the media short circuits all of that. Going to the press instead of continuing the conversation is the equivalent of pressing the terminate button. Instead of moving the ball down the field, we will simply continue the amazingly unproductive and highly charged public debate, no doubt advancing the careers of future candidates, but contributing little to the process of governing.

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