Poll: Asked if they side more with Trump or Bannon, Trump voters split ... 66/1

Asked whether they side more with Trump or Bannon, 66 percent of Trump voters say they back the president, with just 1 percent siding with Bannon. Another 21 percent don’t agree with either, with the remainder unsure.

Trump voters now say by a 69-point margin that Trump made the right decision in firing Bannon last year, up from a 42-point margin in a separate August poll. Half of Trump voters currently say that Bannon’s exit from the White House was a good thing for the country.

About one-third of Trump voters say they read Breitbart News either sometimes or regularly. Among those who do, 23 percent view Bannon favorably, compared to just 9 percent of those who read Breitbart rarely or never. But that doesn’t mean they’re in his camp against the president: Seventy-eight percent of the Breitbart readers say they’re on Trump’s side, and just 2 percent that they’re on Bannon’s.

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