Will the Obama administration ever be brought to justice over its Iran scandals?

It would be a tragedy for these questions to sit unanswered for the cause of America’s security and justice itself. If the Iran deal was consummated in the face of all manner of malicious actions, the public ought to know the truth so we can understand the nature of the regime with whom we are dealing, and learn from the failings of the prior administration.

In fact, so should the citizens protesting the Iranian regime in streets across the country. Contrary to the urgings of Obama national security advisor Susan Rice, we must not remain silent in the face of a fascistic Islamic theocracy where democracy dies in darkness. We should be exposing its horrors daily.

If members of the Obama administration knowingly took actions detrimental to the national interest, they need to be held accountable, not for political retribution but to ensure future administrations do not undertake similarly destructive actions believing they will pay no price for unconscionable actions.

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