A modest proposal for striking North Korea

There it is. Kim Jong Un’s port-a-potty.

We can use a 2,000 pound, satellite-guided bomb to punish his porcelain.

It’s perfect. Destroying the port-a-potty will deny Kim Jong Un a highly valued creature comfort, while also demonstrating the incredibly accuracy of U.S. precision munitions to hold Kim and his minions at risk. It will send an unmistakable message: We can kill you while you are dropping a deuce.

At the same time, destroying a port-a-potty is unquestionably hilarious. I defy you to watch this clip from the Swedish dynamite channel of a port-a-potty being blasted into smithereens and not double over in laughter. There is every chance that, as Kim Jong Un watches his throne room go kablooie that, instead of ordering a nuclear retaliation, he will just say “THAT WAS AWESOME. YOU GUYS TOTALLY GOT ME.”

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